The ‘BASIC’ Initiatives 

  • Biodiversity
  • Agriculture
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Conservancy

The centre hosts a number of programmes aimed at learning and development of the locals. These initiatives focuses on opening avenues of awareness and generating innovation ideas to improve contemporary farming practices, and thereby catalyse introspection and review of external influences such as industrialisation, technological advancement and modernisation. The initiatives consist of a manifold approach to conservancy and re-vitalisation of the agrarian identity.


  • Residency programmes aimed at engagement – through community based art, design and innovation workshops, lectures, q&a, interactive sessions.
  • Participatory learning and development sessions.
  • Symposia of field experts, artists, designers and innovative solution providers.
  • Documentation and archiving of local lifestyles.
  • Communications, media production, graphic design, exhibitions and outreach initiatives – in local language.
  • Ecology and biodiversity tours; and forest walks.
  • Entertainment and engagement events – showcasing cultural arts, crafts, music, dance and theatre etc.
  • International media, film and documentary screenings.