Human Made water bodies like lakes are vital to the ecology of the Western Ghats in the present scenario.

Natural water retention capacity of the Ghats reduced significantly because of the massive deforestation, soil erosion and biodiversity loss.

Lifeline lakes got neglected in the last few decades because of the borewell technology came in to practice but could not sustain the needs the way the lakes did to the ecology and farming.

At this point, it is imperative to focus on reviving the lakes to restore the total ecology and help the rural economy.

As part of Swagrama project, four villages out of four panchayats of Hosanagara taluka are chosen to work as a pilot program.  Water security as the stepping stone to our project we have identified crucial Ten lakes.

1.Muttala (Chikka Jeni Grama Panchayat)

2. Majwana (Marutipura Grama Panchayat)

3. Baniga (Haridravati Grama Panchayat)

4. Nanjavalli (Haratalu Grama Panchayat)

Lake rejuvenating action is part of the SWAGRAMA Project initiated by SARA Centre and its associate organisations, generously supported by the Village members, many individuals, and importantly our concerned brothers and sisters living abroad, Overseas Volunteers for Better India (OVBI).

The Importance of lakes

  • With the enhanced water storage capacity and desilting, the lakes can hold the water throughout the crucial summer months for various usage.
  • Groundwater recharging and retain the soil moisture for a longer duration
  • This increased water security farmers can increase their farm output like going for second crop and multi crops.
  • Availability of water throughout the year can heal the ecology of birds, animals flora & fauna etc.
  •  Good health of lakes can increase the possibility of animal husbandry and fishery to add to the rural economy.
  •  The excellent condition of the lake will help in the socio-cultural life of the village.

Makodu Kere of Muttala Village

Varte Kere of Muttala village

Ghumanamatti Kere Baniga village

Kodakegadde Kere, Majvana Village