A two-day seminar, Environment, Bio-diversity: Conservation and Challenges, was held at SARA Centre on 27-28th April 2018. Environmentalist practitioners, activists, scholars, filmmakers, artists, theatre activists, and teachers from across Karnataka and other parts of the country were part of the seminar. Various issues related to the local ecology and challenges were discussed, and detailed memorandum of action plans to the problems was prepared to follow up with the government agencies. Noted Gandhian Sri Prasanna, well-known power analyst Sri Shankar Sharma, National award filmmaker Sri Ashok Ahuja, film actor Sri Kishor, Sri Prakash Bhat, Sri Shreedhar Kallahalla, Sri Niranjana Vanalli, Srimati Saroja Prakash, Sri Dinesh Holla, Sri Ajay Kumar Sharma and many others were among the speakers and participants.