The SARA Centre draws inspiration for its initiatives from the lives, works and philosophies of great innovators from around the world. The centre is focussed on providing a platform for scientists, artists and innovators from around the world to engage with the local communities of the region and thereby to experiment and innovate sustainable solutions for endemic issues that pose detriment to the well being of the local ecosystem.

Conservancy and ecological balance formulate the mainstay of SARA Centres residency programmes – with a view to offer an interface between contemporary thought and local practices.

The centre houses a lifestyle museum, a studio, a biodiversity archive and residency boarding rooms for experts from diverse fields who are working on environmental and ecological sciences and arts; and conservation.

One of the main aims of SARA’s B.A.S.I.C. initiatives is to enable learning, development, innovation and entrepreneurship amongst local communities – and at the same time offer opportunities for experimentation and innovation to contemporary thinkers, scientists and art practitioners.