This page features contributions by artists to our 2017 Community Action Program – the Western Ghats Eco Walk to be held in June 2017.

A note of thanks to contributors from the people at SARA Centre:

We are frankly overwhelmed by the response and would like to thank all artists and friends who have taken precious time out of their schedules to contribute to our humble beginnings.

Your contributions are certainly going to help us go a long way in working towards the greater good, and will strengthen our efforts to offer awareness and education to the vulnerable agrarian communities who are often at the receiving end of the impacts of ecological decay.

Please do feel free to share this page’s URL on your social media channels with your friends and benefactors.

One of the principal approaches in our mission to educate and support agrarian communities – is to leverage the power of the arts to bring social change. Thanks to your generous contributions, this dream is now becoming a force to reckon and your response is indeed emboldening us to work harder.

We will be sure to update more information on our community action via this website.