Learning through the Arts

A large part of India’s indigenous and cultural knowledge is stored, transferred and communicated through various forms of visual expression.  Historically, art and visual culture have carried with them a tremendous power to convey complex ideas to a wide variety of people; however, the educative and communicative power of art is often lost in our post-industrial world. In response to this, SARA Centre’s primary objective is to engage people through the arts, to reclaim the power of images and other creative expressions and, to amend the unsustainable practices of today.  SARA Centre aims to bring together a variety of knowledge forms from local to global together to innovate, identify and offer sustainable alternatives to fundamental problems.

SARA Centre is a site-specific centre that offers:

  • Information centre

  • Rural lifestyle archive and a library

  • Biodiversity Forest

  • Environment Archive

  • Project space with exhibition gallery

  • Media room with screening facility

  • Studio workshop and innovation centre

  • Residency rooms

  • Kitchen