Learning through the Arts

A large part of India’s indigenous and cultural knowledge is stored, transferred and communicated through various forms of visual expression. Historically, art and visual culture have carried with them a tremendous power to convey complex ideas to a wide variety of people; however, the educative and communicative power of art is often lost in our recent times. In response to this, SARA Centre’s primary objective is to engage people through the arts, to reclaim the power of images and other creative expressions and, to amend the unsustainable practices of today.SARA Centre aims to bring together a variety of knowledge forms from local to global together to innovate, identify and offer sustainable alternatives to fundamental problems.

SARA Centre is a site-specific centre that offers:

  • Information centre

  • Rural lifestyle archive and a library

  • Biodiversity Forest

  • Environment Archive

  • Project space with an exhibition gallery

  • Media room with screening facility

  • Studio workshop and innovation centre

  • Residency rooms

  • Kitchen


Recent Programmes

  • SWAGRAMA ಸ್ವಗ್ರಾಮ (12/2/2019) -
  • Art and Social Responsibility -Workshop ಕಲೆ ಮತ್ತು ಸಾಮಾಜಿಕ ಜವಾಬ್ದಾರಿ -ಕಾರ್ಯಾಗಾರ (6/14/2019) -
  • Convergence ಸಂಗಮ An Artist Residency 1- 7, January 2019 (1/15/2019) - An art workshop to bring together some of the Living traditions such as folk, tribal art forms and young contemporary artists of India was held at SARA Centre premises Dombekoppa. It was organised by SARA Centre in partnership with Art for Concern Institution Bangalore. As desired by the host institutions SARA Centre, the workshop was…Read more Convergence ಸಂಗಮ An Artist Residency 1- 7, January 2019
  • Eco Walk 2018 (6/27/2018) - SARA Centre’s Community Action Program Western Ghats Eco Walk 2018 was held from June 5 – 8, 2018. The walk covered a 90 km stretch from Keladi, Sagara to Issuru, Shikaripura, Karnataka, India. The walk traveled through around 50 villages and towns and engaged approximately 10,000 school children from 60 schools and the local community…Read more Eco Walk 2018
  • Environment, Bio-diversity: Conservation and Challenges – A Seminar Workshop (4/29/2018) - A two-day seminar, Environment, Bio-diversity: Conservation and Challenges, was held at SARA Centre on 27-28th April 2018. Environmentalist practitioners, activists, scholars, filmmakers, artists, theatre activists, and teachers from across Karnataka and other parts of the country were part of the seminar. Various issues related to the local ecology and challenges were discussed, and detailed memorandum…Read more Environment, Bio-diversity: Conservation and Challenges – A Seminar Workshop
  • Eco Walk 2017 (8/10/2017) - SARA Centre’s Community Action Program Western Ghats Eco Walk 2017 was held from June 5 – 10, 2017. The walk covered a 157 km stretch from The Jog Falls to Shivamogga. Karnataka, India. The walk travelled through 40 villages and towns; and engaged approximately 25,000 school children from 85 schools and the local community. Here…Read more Eco Walk 2017
  • Artists – Western Ghats Eco Walk 2017 (11/1/2016) - Western Ghats Eco Walk 2017 Artists We are overwhelmed by the love and support that we have received in response to our call for action from artists around the world. We have received over 350 contributions and still counting. A number of artists have in fact arrived here on their own accord, and are volunteering their…Read more Artists – Western Ghats Eco Walk 2017
  • Tree Planting Drive (8/17/2016) - Following the Environmental Awareness workshop held in June 2016, the participated children now entitled ‘Green Ambassadors’ have continued to engage in community led activities, for example, they initiated on their own accord, a Tree Planting Drive in August 2016:
  • Environment Awareness Workshop (6/12/2016) - In June 2016 the SARA Centre organised and Environment Awareness Workshop for School Students of The Shimoga Region. 80 students from 10 schools participated in this three day event held on the 10, 11 and 12th June 2016.   Workshop Proceedings The workshop included a number of presentations by environmentalists, journalists, writers, artists and theatre personalities.…Read more Environment Awareness Workshop
  • Theatre (6/11/2016) - Theatre Activists from the K V Subbanna Ranga Samooha Theatre Group and Nada Chavadi Theatre Group Yesu Prakash Heggodu, Prasanna Hunasekoppa, Shreepad Bhagavath Chikka Honnesara, and Gurumoorthy Varadamoola played a pivotal in conducting the sessions by creating engaging and interactive events tailored for the school children via song, dance, and theatre.   The interaction between…Read more Theatre
  • Talks and presentations: (6/11/2016) - Part of the Environment Awareness Workshop June 10-12, 2016 Environmentalists Subbanna Aneguli and Akhilesh Chippali; well known Kanada writer Na. d’Souza; critically acclaimed theatre actor and thespian C. R. Jambe; regional forest officer Jayesh; and notable members of local seniority gave talks and slide presentations about local flora and fauna, and also discussed pressing environmental…Read more Talks and presentations:
  • Painting & Mural Making (6/11/2016) - Vadodara based artists Bakulesh Joshi and Avinash Gondalia engaged the children in participatory painting and wall mural workshops. Painting Workshop   Mural Making    
  • Students’ Questions (6/11/2016) - Following the Environment Awareness Workshop in June 2016 SARA Centre’s programs have already begun showing some positive results. The participating students were invited to ask questions that came to their minds as a result of what they had learnt during the workshop:
  • Students’ Responses to the Environment Awareness Workshop 2016 (6/11/2016) - Participants of the Environment Awareness Workshop, June 2016 respond to what they have learned or gained from the experience:
  • Traditional Foods & Health Lecture (4/26/2016) - SARA Centre invited Dr. K. R. Vasantkumar, who is a general medical practitioner, professor and fellow is Diabetology at the Adichunchanagiri Institute of Medical Sciences, Bellure, Karnataka, India; to give a lecture on traditional foods, nutrition and health. His lecture covered historical methodologies of nutrition, medicine, healing and health. It also included analyses of contemporary…Read more Traditional Foods & Health Lecture
  • Plant Propagation Workshop (1/21/2016) - This project was focused on saving endangered species of plants. The workshop gave out information and demonstrations of plant propagation techniques to a focus group of 30 local farmers. Techniques such as grafting, layering, stem cutting, root division, stooling etc. were demonstrated during the workshop.    
  • One Child One Plant – SARA Centre Pilot Project (6/30/2015) - This project was one of the first introductions given by the SARA Centre to the local student community of the region. The project was centred around giving out information on the relevance of biodiversity. 1200 students from 22 schools were engaged in planting a variety of plants across the school campuses and surrounding environs. Students were…Read more One Child One Plant – SARA Centre Pilot Project