What is the mainstream of Indian economy and what are the fringes? Is it industry, technology or agriculture?

Relentless rural to urban exodus: despite it being a predominantly agrarian economy there is a concerted moving away from agrarian lifestyles across the country. Today, young men and women from rural agrarian backgrounds continue to become more and more inclined to move away from farming towards other so called ‘modern’, ‘profitable’ and, or ’lucrative’ walks of life, continually intensifying the relentless exodus into urban centres. With the current national focus on technological advancement, modernisation and consumerism – farming and agriculture are truly appearing as somewhat of an undesirable choice for many youths under the increasing influence on modern media such as computers, the internet, smart phones tablets etc.

Although advancements in modern media, information technology, travel and exploration;  are vital for the exposure, development and empowerment our youth – moving away from the ‘rural’ often seems to be becoming more and more inviting and viable for disenchanted rural youth, and these influences therefore, act as a one way ticket with no or little scope for returning to origins. This fact lays bare the irony that in a predominantly agrarian economy, where the mainstream of the society is in fact farming and rural life, agrarian lifestyle is imminently appearing to be on the fringes of society.

India is currently witnessing dramatic changes in the way environment and ecology are being perceived. Factors such as globalisation, technological and industrial advancement are catalysing rapid lifestyle shifts in the farming communities – a fact that increasingly brings into question what truly is the ‘vernacular’ as we have typically known it. Modern technology and media have indeed revolutionised communications an information technology – but how much of it is actually focussed on the development of much needed infrastructure and innovation that the agricultural heartland needs? In these times of global environmental threats such as global warming and climate change; amidst rapid disappearance of forested lands; and industry regulated agricultural practices that continually threaten biodiversity – it has become a matter or urgency to enable the re-invention and re-instatement of agriculture as the mainstream of the country.

Who or what will enable us to leverage modernisation and technological advancements in a way that enables talent retention in the region, is therefore certainly a matter of speculation these days?

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